Awash National Park

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Awash National Park is located 225 km east of Addis Ababa. It spans across the southern tip of the Afar(Danakil) Region and the south boundary of the park is formed by the Awash river. It covers an area of 827 square kilometers, most of the park lies at an altitude of 900m.

The area is mainly acacia woodland and grassland. One of the main features is the Fantale volcano, on the southern flank of which can be seen the dark scar of the latest lava flow of 1820. In the south of the park the Awash River gorge has dramatic waterfalls. Another special attraction is beautiful hot springs in the north of the park. The water of these springs and rivers in the region is 36 degrees Celsius(97 degrees Fahrenheit) and is used by local people to water stock.

Awash National Park is rich in wildlife. It includes East African Oryx (Oryx beisa), the lesser and greater Kudus, Soemmerring’s Gazelle, Dik-dik , Warthogs Anubis baboons and Hamadryas baboons. The East African Oryx (Oryx beisa) lives many of the more open areas, and greater and lesser kudu the bushed areas. Soemmerring’s gazelle have distinctive white rumps and are frequently seen with the East African Oryx. The Dik-dik appears often under the dry acacia bushes. Moreover, there are over 350 species of native birds. The campsites are an excellent place for bird watching

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